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    How do I launch the product from the .hlp file?

    disneeprincess Level 1


      RH 7, Webhelp


      I reported a problem to Adobe via the support portal. I need help understanding their response. Here are the instructions:


      "I would like you to kindly follow the steps in order to see if it
      resolves your issue :


      1. go to the root folder of your RoboHelp project and locate the .XPJ
      file and CUT and move it to the desktop


      2. do the same to the .CPD file


      3. finally, launch the product from the .HLP file and the .XPJ and .CPD
      files shall be regenerated."


      I was able to do steps 1 & 2. I do not understand what it means to launch the product from the .hlp file. I don't see an .hlp file in my project folder. Any advice is appreciated. I called the tech support line, and I am put on hold for a long time. I thought it might be easier to ask in the forum.