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    migrating flex app to a linux box

    nif Level 1
      hi there,

      i've created a flex 3 app that calls data in a mysql db using php.
      i work on windows xp and have apache, php and mysql installed. the project runs like a dream on this machine.

      my problem is that when i move it across to the linux box that will unltimately be its live environement, i cannot get it to work. i have a login and when i submit it just hangs.

      i thought that maybe i would need to install amfphp on the box, and have downloaded it and extracted, but i cannot for the life of me figure out where to put the files.
      i have searched google high and low and am quite desperate as this has to work by tomorrow.

      could i be missing something else? i have checked the connection to the database and it works fine when run in a browser on a php page.

      please help me. i don't know what to do next.

      thanks a mil',
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          nif Level 1
          i figured it out and thought i would post here for anyone else who has this issue.
          the XmlSerializer.class.php file in your base directory includes a bunch of references to files and folders in the pear directory which are in uppercase and need to be lowercase. as linux is case sensitive, this causes your call to your php files to fail.
          this is of course if you are using flex builder 3 and have used the wizard to create a connection to a db table.