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    embedding Button symbol from swf




      I am embedding a Button Symbol into Flex from from a swf. The Button inside the swf has an up and over state. Now I embed the symbol into an image in Flex. The image is in one of my states.


      All works fine initially  in Flex as far as the up over state. Now the  The problem is when I go back to the base state and then back to the state with the embedded swf symbol.....it initializes still in the over state, until I mouse over then mouse out and now its in the Up state.   What could be the probelm here??


      thanks for taking time to look at this!







      // -- SWF EMBED ---
                  [Embed(source="skins/ICD9_ReferenceCodes_v2_3_blue.swf", symbol="back_btn_button")]
                  public var BadApple:Class;
      // -- SWF EMBED END --




      <mx:State name="search_code">
                  <mx:RemoveChild target="{vbox1}"/>
                  <mx:SetProperty target="{text1}" name="text" value="Code Search:"/>
                  <mx:SetProperty target="{text1}" name="x" value="130"/>
                  <mx:SetProperty target="{text1}" name="y" value="136"/>
                  <mx:RemoveChild target="{image1}"/>
                  <mx:AddChild position="lastChild">
                      <mx:Image  id="image_BackBtn1" x="11" y="74.95" source="{BadApple}"
                  <mx:SetProperty target="{image_BackBtn1}" name="y" value="74.95"/>