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    RH8 repaint issue. Snippets?


      A bug? in Windows XP? RH 8.01? Snippets?


      Unable to get RH to open/activate any pods (TOC, glossary, etc) in current project. RH HTML project goes into "not responding" state and does not repaint (part of the pod is visble, but unable to activate it with the mouse or to view completely).


      The only "new" thing in the project is snippets, which replaced text on a dozen or so topics.

      Several snippets do contain a TABLE; the table cells accept special formatting, and they published OK).

      Also, I notice that even the "normal" paragraph (which had 9pt above & below spacing) no longer publishes with the above/below spacing on some topics (even those not using a snippet).

      Reapplied template and .css to ensure they're using the same files.

      Restarted RH several times.