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    Unsupported Audio Rate In File. PLZ HELP

    Rsvl Jedi

      I am far from comfortable with any programs of this type, so please bear with me. I am trying to do a slideshow for my peewee football team and I am down to the wire on this. I bought PE4 in an attempt to open some options for our slideshows (My wife previously used Roxio but I was not happy with it). I am trying to take a video that I transfered from VHS to DVD using a Magnavox dubbing system. I am trying to take that video from the dvd and put it into PE4 so that I can put music over the video (The things from the crowd were not always things that 5th graders should hear when they watch their video of the season). I have been unsuccessful at importing the files into PE4. I always recieve the same error message:"unsupported audio rate in file". I have tried to convert the dvd into AVI using "Next Video Converter 3.0" and even "DVD Shrink 3.2" & "AutoGK". I have even tried to convert to AVI using NVR and leaving off the audio file. I still am getting the same message. Please someone help me with this. I am up against the ropes here, and I don't want to let my boys down.

      I have tried to find help by reading some of the other posts on here, but to be quite honest I have not been able to  make heads or tails from any of them. I really don't understand this stuff and when people start talking about codecs etc, it just makes no sense to me. Any help in plain english would be very much appreciated.

                               Thanks, --Rsvl Jedi

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The challenge is that those VHS to DVD dubbing systems sometimes use codecs (compression systems) for their video and audio that don't digest well in programs like Premiere Elements.


          The easiest solution is to convert the DVD files (which are VOBs) to DV-AVIs using a program called MPEG Streamclip. Instructions for where to find it and what settings to use are in the FAQs to the right of this forum.



          A much simpler way of doing this, by the way, is to leave the DVD out of the move from VHS to digital completely. You can do this using a device known as a DV bridge. You plug your VHS camcorder or player into it and it plugs (via FireWire) into your computer. The files it creates in your computer are DV-AVIs, the ideal format for editing in Premiere Elements.


          I recommend the ADS Pyro AV Link. It sells for under $150, and it will more than pay for itself in a few weeks, if you do this kind of dubbing from VHS regularly. The FAQs have more information on it and other DV bridge devices. (Don't use cheaper digitizers, like the Dazzle unit, by the way. It will only lead to more headaches.)


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I utilize Steve's suggested workflow, though my A-D bridge is not the Pyro. I also have a Panasonic VHS - DVD deck to feed the signal to the bridge. My reasons are two-fold: I don't want my clients to have to dig out a VHS camera, that might, or might not, still work, and I usually do a VHS to DVD transfer for purely archival reasons. When done, I hand off the archival DVD (unedited, just direct copied) and the edited DVD/DVD set. It works great and I've had several major Projects where years of "family tapes" have been involved.


            In addition to the Pyro, you might want to look at the Grass Valley/Canopus AVCD-110 and the AVCD-300. I like the 300 because of the analog filtering with Timebase correction. This can save a lot of time doing color correction and gamma correction, plus a lot of VHS and Analog to Digital artifacts. However, it is more expensive, and one needs to justify the price differences between it and the 110, or the Pyro.


            Now, I am not familiar with the Magnavox unit, but most of the DVR's and DVD creation devices play very fast and loose with the DVD-specs. Even my Panasonic, a pro-sumer deck adds rudimentary Menuing, and that messes up directly using the .VOB's from those DVD's to edit. That, plus the MPEG-2 encoding, is why I capture from the VHS directly.


            Another method, but it is becoming harder to do, is to hook up one's VHS deck, or camera, to a digital miniDV tape video camera with pass-thru capabilities. With this setup, the digital video camera works like the bridge. The benefit is that one can then use their NLE to do the Capture, though they do not have device control. Still, with the mouse in one hand and the VHS deck's remote in the other, a click, click takes care of that. Unfortunately, many camera mfgrs. are discontinuing pass-thru, and in some countries, like the UK, there is a higher VAT on an otherwise identical camera, just because of the pass-thru.


            Hope that something helps, and that you get your Project done.




            PS - one thing that you might get lucky with, would be to copy the .VOB from the DVD disc and rename it as MPEG. I doubt that this will help, as the Magnavox has likely structured the Audio in an odd way, and even the muxed MPEG-2 file inside the .VOB will not work any better. However, it would only take a few moments to try it. Note: the first .VOB will be the least likely to work, as it will also contain Menuing and navigation.


            I am surprised that MPEGStreamclip did not rip the DVD, so that PrE could Import it. However, with Steve's method, you do not loose the quality that the first MPEG-2 Transcoding will strip out - with moving subjects, or camera, you'll get better quality by going VHS to DV-AVI Type II for editing.


            For what it's worth, here's an ARTICLE on .VOB's.

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              Rsvl Jedi Level 1

              Thank you both for all your help! I've finally gotten the file into PE4! At least now I know that I can get the discs ready for the team.

              --Rsvl Jedi


              PS: I am going to post a new thread concerning the text animation as now I am having problems with that.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                I've finally gotten the file into PE4! At least now I know that I can get the discs ready for the team.


                That is great news and congratulations!


                I am going to post a new thread concerning the text animation as now I am having problems with that.

                That is a good thing to do, on two fronts:


                1.) others, with Title animation issues might not find there answers in an "Unsupported Audio Rate" thread.


                2.) people will not get confused on what you are now talking about. I wish that more would split out their threads. It's a good move.


                Good luck,