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    Loading an SWF into a MC on the maintimeline

      I'm using the Tree Component to hold my menu options to load separate swf's into my movie. The tree is nested in a movie clip because i need it to open and close using motion tweens. The content is being fed by an xml file and has a url attribute for each label. Problem is I need the url to open into an empty movie clip so that it is BEHIND the menu. I have an empty movie clip on my main timeline which has a _parent._parent relationship to the menu itself. I can't however get it to load using loadMovie(url,this._parent._parent.instancename); I've tried to create an empty mc with a local relationship to the menu, but being that it has motion the clip will load, but also moves with the menu. Any idea how to make the empty mc either stay put, or to load to the main timeline? Thanks!