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    use module var in itemrenderer


      Hi all,


      Iv hit a small snag in an app im playing with.


      The app loads in a module which holds a public var to a reference folder.


      Im trying to use that var in an itemrenderer, i have been able to achive it by placing the var at the root app using 'source="{Application.application._resourceFolder + data.folder + data.image}" '


      I have tryed using the module name eg mod._resourceFolder but it gives me a statice class error


      is there a way i can achive the same using the module instead??


      Cheers for any help given...



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Depending on how you wrote the renderer, you may be able to access it as outerDocument.mod._resourceFolder or parentDocument.mod._resourceFolder


          Alex Harui

          Flex SDK Developer

          Adobe Systems Inc.

          Blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui

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            tfcenturion Level 1

            Hi Alex,


            Yes i forgot all about the parentDocument bit, once i read what you wrote it came back to me and the issue got resolved.


            I had to put it in a init function first though as the console was givening errors of binding. Is there a way to bind directly in the image.source tag.


            eg i have at mo a binded var  source="{resourceFolder + data.image}"


            but would like to get rid of the init() function and just have it like this. source="{this.parentDocument._resourceFolder + data.image}" << this works but as said it comes with a console binding error the app still complies thoughs and works.