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    Text Animation Problems...

    Rsvl Jedi

      I am having problems getting the text animations to work in PE4. I saw a thread where Steve states that PE4 had issues with the text animation. I have tried to go thru the tuturial just to make sure that I wasn't missing something, and the text animation still will not take effect. What is strange is that the sample animations work in the text animation panel, but they will not work in the preview window or in the title itself. I am trying to animate a single line text as I read that there are issues with doing more than one line. My wife is telling me that it never has worked for her. I have tried to repair and to reinstall the program with the same result every time. Is this possibly a defect in the software itself? I hate to think that we have spent money on a program where one of the most basic functions is flawed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If this is a problem with the software itself, is Adobe fairly customer friendly with backing it's product? We had a problem with our Roxio that we used to use and they were going to charge us to repair their software which is why I went to the Adobe program. I hate to be a pain on here, but I am just incredibly frustrated at this point.


      BTW, thank you for the help on my other post.


      Thanks again --Rsvl Jedi

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Other than a few quick tests for replies in this forum, I have to admit that I know little about it.


          Now, the Title animations are just Presets. Everything, plus much more, can be done with Keyframing the things that the animation Presets do for you. Also, with Keyframing, there is no limitation to a single line of text. This is not really a problem, but it is a limitation. Now, one might wish to animate several lines of text and Keyframes actually makes that easier, IMO.


          I'll check out Title animation in PrE 4, but had not heard of problems.


          For Keyframing, one would create their Title in Titler, just as before. Instead of choosing any animation Preset, they'd leave it as a static Title, drag it to the Timeline and set it's Position and Duration. Now, the fun begins. Click on that Title Clip, and choose Effects. Once there, choose Edit Effects, to open up the Effects Control Panel. There, we're going to start with the fixed Effect, Motion>Position. Let's set up an example. We have our text about where we want it to be during most of time that the audience can view it. We want it stationary for about 1.5x as it will take to read it, but we want it to come onto the screen from off-screen. Then, we want it to go off the screen again. Since we have it positioned where we want it, look at the little Timeline in the Effects Control Panel. We'll use it to control our Motion>Position. Let's say that our Title's Duration is 20 sec. and we want it stationary in the middle of the screen for 10 sec.. That leaves us 10 secs. to divide up for the coming on-screen and going off-screen. Go to the 05 sec. point and put a Motion>Position Keyframe there. Go to the 15 sec. point and put another Motion>Position Keyframe there. We have now established the 10 sec. that the Title will be in the middle of the screen. Go to the first Frame (the Head, and easily move to with a PageUp) and put another Motion>Position Keyframe. We're going to adjust our Motion>Position here. Drag the Title off the screen. Let's use the left, so that it moves on-screen from the left. You can move it quite a ways off-screen, but all we care about is just far enough so one cannot see it. Done. Now, go to the last Frame of the Clip and add another Keyframe for Motion>Position. Drag the Title to the right, where it will go off-screen. Same suggestions apply. Now, the Title will be off-screen left, move into the middle of the screen, hold, then move off-screen to the right. Done. You might want to experiment with Ease-Out and Ease-In, or Bezier Curves for those Keyframes, so that the motion is smoother, an not totally linear.


          Note: you could also Keyframe Opacity, so that the Title fades in, as it moves, holds and then fades as it move out. We could Keyframe Gaussian Blur, so that it comes into focus, then goes out again. The possibilities are virtually limitless, unlike the few animation Presets.


          It might seem slow the first few times that you do it, but in no time, you will Keyframe everything requiring animation.


          Hope that this helps and I'll go check out animation for Titles in PrPro 4. Were there particular animations that you tried?


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I just finished trying all Title animations in PrE 4, and all worked as they should. On my rather stout laptop, I did not even need to Render to see each one.


            I am wondering if you are tyring to do something else with these. For instance, if one wants one Effect to bring in the text, and then one to take it out, you'd want to do two instances of that same Title on the Timeline, having each at 1/2 of the total Duration. You'd apply one Effect to the first, then the other Effect to the second.


            Please be specific as to what you want to happen, and what is not working.


            Good luck,