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    Pemiere shone on an urgent project...

    shooternz Level 6

      Premiere came through for me on this so I  thought I would pop up a youtube link to a project I just finished.


      Initially it was to be edited (FCP) by my collaborator but he decided to take a holiday in the islands and dumped the project back to me day after we shot it.   I had less than a week to get it to air because the CD was released same time.


      Basically this is an example of a very fast turn around project ...done with no budget and edited on-line in PPRO CS4... but it involved a sucessful and easy collaborative cross platform workflow with a MAC (FCP).


      Shot in a total of  4 and one half hours ( live performance , urban  scenes and my studio) with a HVX 202 and a Canon D5 by me and a collaborator ( 'Mac Nazi) ....edited in two days (720p). 


      No synthetic effects or plugins or AFX were used.  (Mostly Layer blends with "organics' from the rushes directly in PPRO).


      FCP was used to output the selected D5 media as mov and also used to cut the live extended version of the clip


      Premiere easily manages D5 media but using the selects sped up the process for me.


      The speed and capabilty of Premiere surprised all involved who are more used to a MAC /FCP workflow.  ( Its one of the film industries best kept secrets down here)






      NB: Music lovers might like to hear the  guitar solo.