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    Settings being reset every time

    buraihan Level 1

      I am running PPro CS4 on a mac and every time I start it up it looks like all the settings I'd changed last time i was in it (keyboard shortcuts, settings to how project bins should open, how the timeline should scrub etc.) are reverting back to the defaults. I thought that it might be that the settings always reset when you started a new project, but this is happening even when I reopen the previous project. Is anybody else seing this?


      I am using PPro in an administrator level account (the main account that the computer starts up in). I figure it must be a file permissions issue or a PPro bug. ButI'm not sure how to find out which.

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          fuaho Level 1

          I don't know where it is in the MAC directory structure, but if you search the forum for

          info about the preferences files you should be able to find it.


          Before you open Premiere, Make a backup of the preferences file or just move it someplace else and then open Premiere. This should force the program to create a new preferences file and should work properly after you've reset your choices.