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    Is Adobe committed to Flex/AIR

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      The Adobe AIR forum had a post asking if Adobe is truely committed to AIR, and I just responded to it, so I thought I would add my comments in this forum, where it is also relevant.


      I just got laid off from Adobe (Nov 10) after 7 years as a full-time employee, where I was a member of the Flash Authoring and Photoshop localization teams. I've been involved in Flex for 3 years now, so I'm actually loving this opportunity to pursue Flex opportunities full-time now.


      Flex and AIR are essential to the future of Adobe. Some of the company's most talented employees, engineers, product managers, evangelists, QE, etc. are working extremely hard to improve both Flex and AIR. We see this in the radical changes in the state, skinning, and layout models in Flex 4, the major new features of AIR 2.0, and the new support for RLT (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew in Flash Player.


      But Adobe, and its individual employees, like all companies and employees, set certain priorities and makes decisions, and in this case Adobe does not have a mandate that no forum post will go unanswered. Some Adobe employees, such as Alex Harui of the Flex development team, and incredibly active in this forum, and without him many posts would go unanswered.


      Could Adobe and its employees place more emphasis on supporting the Flex/AIR community? Absolutely they could, and to do so would be an insanely great opportunity to show how much more different they are from other big software companies. But they are a big company, and still growing, and that results in challenges.


      So as a former Adobe employee who on the one hand loved my time in the company, while at the same time is extremely psyched about joining a smaller company doing Flex development, I'm reassured by the fact that Adobe is guiding Flex and AIR. They don't get everything right, but they are very successful, they merged with Macromedia (great move!!!), and they will make Flex/AIR/Flash "the" platform to be using over the next 10+ years.


      Raving of a Flex junkie or thoughtful consideration? I'll let you decide.


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