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    Swap image actionscript

    dips045 Level 1

      Hi there.


      I'm a beginner in flash actionscript. I want to basically swap images using actionscript. So if you click on a thumbnail, the main big image will change corresponding to the thumbnail being clicked. I don't want to use a simple on click go to and play actionscript...


      I'll try to paint a picture of what I'm trying to achieve.


      There is a background image, middle ground and foreground image... people will have a selection of thumbnails to chose from to change these images (so they are creating their own big picture)


      Once the user clicks on a thumbnail for the background, the main image will change corresponding to the thumbnail.. and the same for middleground image and foreground image.


      I can acheive this in director using lingo but I am required to use flash and actionscript.  Hope you can help!


      Thanks in advance!