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    cc text not displaying when using full motion recording

      Hello everyone,

      I wanted to find out if anyone has experienced a problem with cc text not being displayed on slides with full motion recording.

      I have added and sync'd the cc text on a slide that has full motion recording. When publishing the file, no cc text appears in the the published file.

      Is there a workaround or a setting that I need to check to ensure that the cctext shows up?

      Any information which anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          I'm guessing here, but intuitively, I wonder if you couldn't take your project into the Resize dialog. Leave the project itself the same size, un-check the "Maintain Aspect" setting, while enlarging the "height" of the stage by, say, 60-70 pixels (this would have to be a trial and error process). You should "attach" the original project to the top-center of the new stage, so that the added pixels constitute a "blank" space at the bottom of the published project. It is that blank space (now outside the full-motion action??) in which the closed captioning might appear.

          I honestly haven't tried this myself, Sherry. But it might be worth the 20 minutes it would take to create a copy of your project (protect the original) and give it a whirl.

          ~best wishes,
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            Hi Sherry,


            I'm having the same problem you were last year!  Just wondered if you were able to find a workaround.


            I have a full motion page with audio embedded in it (meaning that the audio does not show up as its own item in the timeline view).  When I open the Advanced Audio Management dialog box, I'm not able to add a caption because CP4 doesn't think there's sound on this slide. (see attached screen grab -- the slide in question is slide 9. You see that the caption button is greyed out).


            I've really hit a wall on this one today.  I tried deleting the audio and re-adding it from the library, but it doesn't get added as an independent object in the timeline box; it just gloms onto the "captured animation" object.


            Maybe it's simply not possible to have a closed caption on a FMR page?  That doesn't seem right though.


            Thanks, all.



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              mvlele Level 3



              Are you dragging the audio file from library onto the slide? Generally Full Motion Recording (FMR) animation occupies the whole slide and hence dragging the audio will actually insert the audio in FMR object instead of slide.


              To insert audio on slide follow these steps -

              1. Click on the FMR slide.

              2. You will see four handles at four corners. These are actually handles for resizing FMR object

              3. Click and drag the handle to resize the FMR object. This will make the slide appear which was hiding behind FMR till now.

              4. Now carefully drag audio from library to the slide part exposed.

              5. Now you should see the audio layer formed in the timeline.

              6. Click and drag the FMR object to readjust its position.


              Now once audio has appeared in slide you can go ahead and add CC.


              Hope this resolves your issue.





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                UCI_Janet Level 1

                Brilliant!!  I had NO IDEA that one could do this.   You saved me a mountain of time!  Thank you so much!