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    Multiple Flex Apps on One Page

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      Now that I've been laid off from Adobe (along with 700 others), I would like to seek Flex consulting opportunities, and one possibility is with web designers/developers wishing to offer their clients value added components.


      My question is that I heard you don't want for example three separate Flex apps on one web page, as it results in three instances of the Flash Player generated, or something like that.


      So is it necessary to group multiple Flex components into one Flex app to each web page? This can limit placement of Flex components on a web page, because the web page will not be completely done in Flex, as the page must be searchable.


      Any insight on this, particularly from Alex and others on the Flex product team at Adobe.


      Anyone new to Flex needs help on Flex components/applications, I'm available: glafrance@chikaradev.com




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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          IMHO, it is all about memory.  Lots of pages have multiple flash players running banner ads.  That's because those ads are small.  If you're going to stick a couple of really small flex apps on a page, I would expect most folks have enough computer resources to handle that.  Once you get more complex, your apps also likely take up more screen real-state and soon you're looking at a portal and probably should have one main shell that loads sub-apps.


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