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    How does the swatch panel work?

    gordonwd Level 1

      Can someone give me a hint about using the swatch panel effectively? Mainly, it appears that swatches that I add to the panel are not saved. What I did a while ago was to add some swatches using the Kuler feature. These stayed around from session to session. Then, I recently used the dropdown menu in the swatch panel just to take a look at the other options (e.g., Windows System). When I then reselected "Color Cubes," my Kuler swatches had disappeared!


      Should I have saved the swatches at some point in my work? Is it then a good idea to have separately saved swatches for each project since I'm likely to use different Kuler or other swatches for each one?


      I'm interested in the most effective way to use the swatch panel feature, especially in conjunction with Kuler or other custom swatches.