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    Clearing the TextArea texts when I press Enter key


      Hello friends,

      I'm new to Adobe Flex.


      Aim: I have a custom component named IOField based on TextArea component. Inside the IOField, how to write code that clears the textarea when the user press enter key.


      I have the main application this component is added as <comp: IOField/> with xml namespace :comp


      Is there any thing in flex like fl.events.ComponentEvent that's present in flash?


      I'm trying to do things in OOP way with consideration to performance also.


      Please help.

      Thank You.

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          funkysoul Level 4

          If you extended the TextArea Component then you can use a small piece of AS3 to get the Keypress and delete the content of the textfield. something like this



          private function changeEvent(e:KeyboardEvent)




                          if(e.keyCode == Keyboard.ENTER)




                              myTextArea.text = "";










          <mx:TextArea id="myTextArea" keyDown="changeEvent(event)" text=""/>