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    Mail form within a Flash movie... with CAPTCHA. Help, anyone?

    becc5ter Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I've been trying to find a tutorial to permit me to incorporate CAPTCHA into a Flash mail form, with not much luck.  What I *am* running into are lots of arguments that it isn't necessary because Flash is somehow immune from spambots rah rah rah; however as I understand it, mail forms in Flash can only send mail by calling a PHP or ASP script, right?  And these scripts are vulnerable to direct access by spam bots, in which case a means of proving one is a human ought still to be necessary, surely?


      If anyone's able to convincingly explain why this isn't the case, and what to do instead, I'd also be interested.


      Otherwise, can anyone point me to any resources, or offer any ideas of their own, on how one might generate a CAPTCHA within my PHP form and somehow get that into my Flash movie before posting everything back to the PHP form for processing and mailing?


      I ask this question because I'm trying to improve upon the current situation which is just a mailto: link in the Flash movie. I know Google can now access the contents of Flash movies, so it seems to me unlikely that spam breakers don't or won't be doing the same thing.  The email address currently there is being spammed up the wazoo - possibly, possibly because of links to it in flat HTML pages but I've got no reason to believe the Flash movie isn't also vulnerable - and I'm about to change it over to a new email address, but want to keep this one protected.


      I'm quite new to Flash (or, it's been a long while since I used it), so assume I'm an idiot and we should be off to a good start.