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    AE Downloading issues


      Please forgive me if this is the wrong forum, but I need help on this. For the last few hours I have been trying to get the trial version of AAE on my computer(Vista 64-bit, quad core) so that I could put some polish on a video I am working on for my high school. Unfortunately, when I tried to download the trial I got an error on my Safari page that said in short 'too many redirects,' and 'the page may be redirecting you back to the original download page.' Figuring this could simply be a Safari error, I took the link and tried booting up IE and waited several years for it to load the link. After going through the same process, it simply stopped loading the download pages, and just said 'done' in the bottom left hand corner. Feeling slightly let down this time I downloaded Google Chrome and gave it a spin with it. Fortunately, it loaded all of the webpages at lightspeed. Unfortunately, it gave me the same error that safari did. It said that I could help resolve this error through clearing my cookies and by allowing third party cookies. I did just that and got the same answer. So, I thought that maybe I could find another trial download for CS4 elsewhere. Unfortunately I could not, the only ones I managed to download ended up being for a mac, and all of the other download sites linked back to the AAE after effects page.


      Please help!

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          What is your networking setup? In simple words, something (your firewall, router or your provider's server) is filtering your HTTP headers, so the Adobe download page doesn't know that you are correctly logged in and which download to fetch. That's why the error occurs with all browsers. Check the configuration and either emporarily turn off whatever may be getting in the way or create an exception rule for adobe.com.