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    HUD its bothering me

    IgnacioGaldames Level 1

      i would like to add the hud panel to some place, instead of having it floating around

      i know it a little thing, and maybe somebody else has posted it already, but when i wa editing many little layer from a photoshop it was a pain in the screen ajaja


      that my thread. ajaja but i really think its a great software.

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Thank you for the feedback. I have heard that users generally like the HUD when they are first learning Catalyst, but once they get the hang of creating components and assigning parts, they find it less useful. I would expect that all panels including the HUD will eventually be dockable like other CS apps in a later version of Catalyst, this allowing you to fully customize your workspace.


          In the mean time here are a few HUD tips:


          You can press F7 to hide and show the HUD. (tab hides and shows all panels)


          All the commands in the hud are available via right-clicking, so you can access all HUD features with it hidden.


          My favorite location to put the HUD is at the right end of the states area, just over the ruler. I find that it doesn't obscure the state previews and doesn't block my artwork on panels.



          - Ty