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    AS2 mc loads 1 external swf from group depending on cookies and .html location

    Ryan Rowlett

      I am attempting to load an external swf banner into an empty movieclip (main.fla for argument), which seems straightforward enough. But the idea is that each .swf (banner) is a link to its own respective html page. I.E. bannerA.swf links to pageA.html etc.


      The first problem is that I dont want main.fla to display bannerA.swf on pageA.html since the user will already be on pageA. So I need main.fla to recognize the .html page that the user is currently on (I have to do this in one flash file, otherwise I would make 4 which exclude the banner for its own page– though, if this would greatly reduce headache, I might be able to talk the powers that be into it).


      Secondly, I need main.fla to remember which banner (or banners) the user has seen on previous visits to a page so that the banners will rotate with each consecutive visit.


      Im guessing this can be implemented with an array and some listeners, but Im no AS2 guru. Any help would be more than appreciated.


      Thank You,