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    Pro CS4 suddenly freezing on render


      Hello, haven't been on in awhile as I haven't had any problems. Was just thinking the other day how nice that was . . .


      I have CS4 running on Windows XP, AMD Phenom II 3.0 quad core, 4GB DDR and 3 hard drives of 200gb (C drive), 350gb and 750gb with ATI Radeon HD 4870 card. Let me know what I left out that helps you.


      I have been running CS4 fine for months. I was on my 2nd project of the day today when CS4 suddenly froze on rendering. Eventually I checked the 750gb drive where my projects and media are currently stored and yes, it was full. I emptied out 188gbs of space (mostly preview files) and thought that would do the trick but it apparently hasn't.


      I feel it's too coincidental to have a render fail and a stuffed drive at the same time, drive space must be some part of the issue? - it's like I need to force CS4 to recognize space has been cleared? I'm here hoping I've stumbled upon that simple, correct answer and someone will confirm and tell what the trick is. I've rebooted obviously, and also tried holding shift on start-up. Next step is probably reinstall, but wanted to check here. I'm not very good with the new search system in the forums and really did not find anything related to a sudden failure, just lots of failures after upgrades/new install.


      Let me know what details I've missed that would help. Have tried multiple projects that have different source clips, there is no specific spot it quits rendering at, sometimes it gets 20% done, sometimes 75%.


      thanks in advance!

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          dagnyamber Level 1

          Of course. I've been dealing with this since about noon but immediately after I post topic and reboot One More Time it decides to render the project. It's very hesitant, but it's rendering.


          I will post back if it decides to fail again . . .

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            It looks like it is time to get some additional disk space. I assume you have around 150-160 GB free on your C drive, but the other two disks may be causing the problem. In general, when the fill rate of your disks are over 70%, it is time to consider adding another disk. If you have less than 150 GB free on your C drive, it is time to clean up and, of course, defrag your disks regularly.