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      Hey everyone,


      I've had Premiere Pro since I quit Avid when I discovered that Premiere Pro was simply faster and being able to use plug-ins that were not available to Avid.


      I have a serious problem.  I've been trying to solve it myself for four days straight and it's been a living hell. I have no solution therefore I came to my favorite forum since one of you geniuses probably has the answer.


      I just upgraded PP CS4 several days ago when windows 7 came out.  My problem is that every time I render FX then close the project and open it back up PP CS4 is not showing the rendered clip.  Also, my peak files are being rerendered each time I open up that same project.  This is serious since there is no way I can open up older projects if peak files need to be recreated every single time.  Some of those older projects are nearly an hour long.


      None of this happened in CS2.  It might also be because Windows 7 blocked access to my seven external hdd's therefore if any knows what set the security needs to be on since I've given all access to my external drives with no results?

      Here is what I can tell you all that is not the problem:

      1.  I have looked into the rendered files folder and the names of the rendered clips are not changing in name.  The name that PP gives them remain the same.

      2.  As a matter of fact PP renders an entirely new clip next to the old rendered clip, which is the same clip I rendered the last time the project was opening.  I rerendered the same clip so many times trying to figure out what the problem was that there were seven rendered clips which were all the same.

      3.  PP CS4 is reading the rendered clips half way through opening because when I deleted the rendered files folder it asks where the folder is at.  However, when I take it out of the trash been and put it back and then start up I still have to rerender.  Rendering is incredibly important to me like it is to most of you since I use a lot of FX in PP CS4 or I do color correction and then do the FX in a FX program.

      4.  By the way, all of this is being done in a completely new project that I created for pp cs4.  I'm scared to open up my old projects since I definitly don't want to see those projects I worked so hard on not being able to be rendered.

      5.  It does the same thing on other new projects.

      6.  My rendered files are usually on a external esata hard drive, however I moved my rendered files back to the c-drive to see if that was the problem and the problem was still there?

      7. I ran pp as administrator and that didn't help.


      As you can all see I've tried everything I could possibly imagine to try and fix things on my own before I came on here.  :-)  I even spent several hours reading old threads on here and couldn't find anything. 


      My best guess is that the hard drives won't let PP read the rendered files and I've tried all settings.  If anyone has a photo of there Windows 7 or Vista setting for other hdd's that have there rendered files on?  Or is it something else??


      I don't know if this has to do directly with the problem, however when I start up PP CS4 a pop up window comes up with "Can't Load Module. 'dehaupt DH_SoftDist 1.2+'


      Please help since post work is my life,


      FX Knight

      Quad Core OC to 3.6

      Geforce 9800gtx OC for FX plug-ins that like to use the video card

      Windows 7

      Eight Hard Drives (including Raptor as C-Drive)

      4 gigs of ram memory

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          rejdmast1 Level 2

          See this:




          The error message is very similiar.


          Do you have any VST plugins?


          Remember, Google is your friend.

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            FXKnight Level 1



            I did spend nine hours on google two days ago day and came by that page.  I figured that the vst plugin had nothing to do with blocking pp from reading rendered files.  However, I just went back to that page again, since I always listen to my fellow PP users.  I removed the vst plugin and the annoying pop up warning is gone.  I sincerely apreciate your wisdom on this, Thanks rejdmast1!  : )



            I still have the MAJOR problem of PP cs4 not being able to read the rendered clips and metadata that where previously created.  If anyone has a solution?  I haven't been this depressed since I got a virus two years ago that forced me to reinstall windows.  


            I'm begging for help from anyone since I need to really get to work after several days of trying to find solutions for the problem and not getting any serious work donw.  I'm fresh out of ideas??? 


            If anyone can put a link to a "print screen" or photo of what there hard drives security settings are in Windows 7 or Vista?  I'm still wondering if Windows 7 is being overly cautious and not letting PP access the rendered files or is it something else??


            I installed ppcs4 over pp 2.0.  Then I deleted pp2.0 in my documents and uninstalled 2.0.  Would have anything to do with it?


            Please help  :-(


            FX Knight

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              There are a number of issues here. Since you are logged on as administrator, first set the UAC (user account control) to off. Control Panel/System and Security/Action Center/Change User Account Control settings.


              Next in disk management, make sure that each and every external disk has a unique and fixed drive letter. Mark each disk with the given drive letter, so you know that the one with letter K will always have letter K.


              Next check each drive by right clicking on the drive from My Computer, select Properties, go to the Security tab and make sure that Full Access is set. If not, change the security settings to allow Full Access.


              Having removed CS2 after installing CS4 may have broken some registry settings (at least that was the case with CS3 and CS4), so I suggest to reinstall CS4.


              These steps should likely be enough to solve the issue.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                One thing that might be added to Harm's excellent step-by-step, would be to check on Windows Indexing. I have to admit that I do not know how Win7 implements this. It may no longer be an issue. In previous OS versions, it could really get in the way of NLE work, as it would periodically "lock" files for indexing, even big, often changed NLE-generated files, though it really could not get any useful data from these. Again, in previous versions, I turned this "feature" to OFF for all folder and all HDD's.


                Good luck,



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Excellent suggestion Bill! One I forgot to mention.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Hey, you did all of the "heavy-lifting." It was the least that I could do to add one little thing that might be getting in the way...




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                      FXKnight Level 1

                      Thanks to Harm and everyone,


                      You are all awesome!!!


                      I set user accounts to off and gave full access in security.  Now PP CS4 can read rendered files and media files when I open it back up.  :-)


                      I have a few questions for everyone:


                      Question #1:  Since, I turned on full access on all my HDD's and set user account settings to off in order to make PP CS4 read rendered files and cache, than should I delete any of my group or user names, I have four which I don't know is out of the norm?

                      1.  Authenticated users

                      2.  System

                      3.  Admistrators

                      4.  My computer name which is the same as admistrators


                      I'm concerned about being vulnerable to outside virus or etc attacks?  If I should delete most of them than how can I go about it without causing more problems?


                      Question #2: 

                      Should I still reinstal PP CS4?   What problems did people have when they deleted PP 2.0 after installing PP CS4?  The only reason I did it is because the lady from Adobe sales said that I should to make PP CS4  run faster...


                      The reason I ask is that it took me an entire week to install and activate the several plugins for PP CS4 (I have way more than your typical person).  Some of the plugin owners are very picky and make it difficult to reactivate a plugin.  I just don't want to go through another week of hell.  However, better safe than sorry.


                      Question #4:

                      My system specs are:

                      4 gigs of ram OC to 1066

                      Quad Core OC to 3.6

                      9800GTX OC for plugins that are video card needy

                      Asus PSQ Pro MB

                      Eight HDD's (including Raptor for C-Drive)


                      What are the best setting in PP CS4 for faster playback and rendering?  Besides, getting new gear and deleteing insignificant programs.  Also, what should I do to fine tune my system?  If you could be specific on system tuning since I don't think I've ever done that?


                      Question #4:

                      I turned off indexing.  However, it did not seem to help with how anything runs in pp cs4.  Should I turn it back on on HDD's or just leave it off?


                      Question #5:

                      PP CS3 had Ultra for keying.  Is it possible that I could get it for free if I have CS4?


                      Question #6:

                      Since, upgrading from PP 2.0 to CS4 what new features should I be looking for that each of you personaly like the most?  I value all your opinion since all of them have been very helpful.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Question 1: This is perfectly normal and I advise against removing these different accounts. I have the same accounts on my system. For security I advise to use something like Symantec Endpoint Protection, preferably the Enterprise edition, because of the indefinite automatic virus updates.


                        Question 2: I don't know if uninstalling PR2 breaks anything in CS4. CS3 did, but to be sure do a repair install of CS4. That will leave all your plug-ins in place and functioning, but may correct anything in the registry that was broken by removing 2.0, things like pointers to Encore CS2 instead of to Encore CS4.


                        Question 3: The greatest performance gain can be had if you spread your disk activities across as many disks as possible, either in the form of a 6 disk raid array (look here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/525263?tstart=0) or by diligent use of your disks. Make sure that you use a fixed pagefile (min=max), preferably on the raid array or another disk than C. Keep indexing turned off. Have a look here for turning services off: http://www.blackviper.com/Windows_7/servicecfg.htm. Also have a look at the Storage Guide: How to get the best from a PC? Some guides... 


                        Question 4: Leave it off.


                        Question 5: Install one of the key programs of the CS3 suite, for instance Flash CS3, because it has the smalllest footprint and then install Ultra CS3. If you leave out installing one of the key programs, Ultra will revert to trial status and stop working after 30 days.


                        Question 6: Stability, much less memory leaks, optimized for 64 bit OS, multiple formats in a project, dynamic link, batch encoding, better camera support, etcetera.

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