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    Camera Raw version compatible with LR 2.5 & PS CS3


      I had these two programs working happily, then earlier this year I upgraded Camera Raw to allow me to open some Canon 5D MII files in LR.  Now when I try to send a photo from LR to Photoshop (edit in Photoshop CS3), I get error dialogs.  (The messages vary depending on if I'm trying to open 1 file, several files, do a merge in HDR, do a merge to Panorama).  I believe these error messages stem from CS3 not working with the version of Camera Raw.  So I need to downgrade to an earlier version, right?  What is the msot recent version that will work nicely with both of these programs?


      (Upgrading Photoshop to CS4 is not an option.  Some of us can't afford to upgrade very single time they come out with a new version, especially when we already paid $$$ for the CS3 suite.  This is not a very user friendly business model.)