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    Batch process with History Command

    zabberwan Level 1

      I want to batch process to resize pictures and have a final product as follows:


      1. Size: 220 x 140 (this detail is not important, but should be cosistant throughout).
      2. The final image has a feather of 10 pixels on all sides.



      I tried using the History steps in which I first resized the image to desired dimensions and to achieve the feather effect I used a mask (paste as mask from the Edit menu in Fireworks cs4) using a white rectangle 5 px smaller on all sides (210 x 130) with a feather = 10px.

      I saved the history as a command, but it does not run because it has difficulties recording steps where I have to tamper the rectangle (size, align, move etc.).


      Another problem is that resizing the image does not honour the height consistently (but the proportions) which causes a problem with the rectangle size used for masking.


      I don't mind doing this in 2 or 3 separate runs, but the final style of images should be with a feathered edge.


      Would really appreciate some expert advice to run the process/es to achieve the required result.


      Thank you!