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    PrEl 8 not displaying video output in Win 7 64 bit

    James Loudon

      This is weird. I built a new system running Win 7 64 bit and installed Premiere 8 and it was working brilliantly and I have already done a couple of projects.

      Today I fired it up and imported some quicktime clips, and though they showed up in the media bin there was no output in the monitor window, nor on the secondary screen if I enabled that.

      Nothing has changed since loast time - no new drivers or anything. It has just decided to stop working. Then just now I was moving a window in the workspace and it just quit on me.

      Anyone else having problems with 7?

      Asus p6tD

      i7 920

      12gb ram

      Asus GTX260 vga card

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Quicktime (MOV) is only a package for your files, James. These packages could include any of dozens of codecs, not all of which are compatible with Premiere Elements.


          You don't say the source of your MOV files, for instance. If they were captured from a miniDV camcorder as DV-MOVs, you'll have no problems using them in Premiere Elements. If, on the other hand, they are video from a still camera, you will likely need to convert them, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            You can use QT Player (hit Ctrl+I) to get information on those .MOV files. If you have QT Pro, hit Ctrl+J, and get even more info.


            This ARTICLE will give you some background on Steve's reference to a "container." It's the same for most common AV file formats. I refer to them as "wrappers."


            Good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              One additional thing to look into and consider is that even simple OS updates and hot-fixes, can break one's video and audio drivers. What works one day, no longer works. Getting the latest video, and audio drivers is always a good idea.


              Note: if you have an nVidia card, the latest drivers have two "gaming-only" modules, that get in the way of Adobe programs, PhysX and 3D Stereovision. Users are finding that removing at least the 3D Stereovision module, though often both, fixes issues. This is done from the nVidia console.


              If one has auto updating for the OS on, these drivers can be broken without the user even knowing that something has changed.


              Good luck,



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                James Loudon Level 1

                Thanks for your thoughts , and you have raised good points.

                However, before i posted I had already tried other video files, notablt the dv-avi files that I had already used in a previous and successful P8 project.

                Not only does the video monitor not work, nor does the clip preview monitor.

                I had also followed a previous thread and disabled the nvidia PhysX driver and uninstalled the 3d stereo driver, which made no difference whatsoever.

                Now, I have been able to complete video editing projects using the same source files using other video apps, such as TMPGEnc 4 and also Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 (incidently this is a horrid looking app from an interface point of view but blistering fast at editing and rendering, so actually very well engineered)

                This is leading me to assume at this time that Adobe figure that 99% of their target market will NOT be using Win7 64 bit and so have not even tested it with this kind of hardware platform.

                I am going to try reinstalling PrEl 3 in XP mode and see how that works out next.