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    How to use the "MutedChangeEvent"


      Hi, everyone!

      Thank you for everyone's kindly help on my puzzles since!


      In the traits chapter, I find the IAudible traits and it defines three events that include MutedChangeEvent. So, I want to

      implement the Mute function with this event in the offerred sample "DynamicStreamingSample"


      step by step:

      1. create an button "Mute" to enable click for switching between mute and unmute

                <mx:Button id="ButtonMute" label="Mute"  click="toggleMute()"/>

      2. register the MutedChangeEvent in the DynamicStreamingSample.mxml initApp() function


      3. implement the toggleMute() function

                  if (mute)


                      1) mute = fales;

                      2)  get the current playing volume;——my puzzle: I'm not clear whether the mute action influences the VolumeChange and

                            how they interation with each other.   So, I need your helpful advice on these points. Thanks


                  else{ }

      4. implement the onMutedChange() function


      I have referred to other trait's implementation in your offerred example, so I think the upper 4 steps can help me

      implement the Mute function. Is my thought all right? Would you like give me some advice?