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    Sorting Imported files

    JamesAB Level 1



      Is there a way to sort files, imported into PE7, purely by date & time taken and irrespective of File name and preferably irrespective of file type also?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Go to Window drop-down menu in Premiere Elements and select Show Docking Headers. This will reveal a bar along the top of each panel with includes a >> in the upper right corner.


          Click on the >> on the Project media panel and select Edit Columns. Here you can create and order columns of data about your video or photos in the Project media panel and, by clicking on the header for each column, you can arrange your clips in order based on that column.

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            JamesAB Level 1

            Thank you Steve. I Created a colum and put in the time each clip was taken and used the time column as the primary sort. This arranged the photos/clips in chronological order.


            It would be nice if a colum that detected the embedded date/time of the clip was available by default since having to input the data manually is a bit of a nuisance. In this instance I am combining three video streams and photos form four cameras, all with different labels into one video, so you can see my problem!