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    Evaluating a dynamic variable

    sean69 Level 1

      Hi I'm trying to write a little function to create, populate and select defaults for list type drop down menus, what I have works, but there is a small problem.


      The select control name is passed as an argument to the function:

                      <label for="type">Type</label>
                      <select name="type" id="type" />




      When the function gets a hold of it it needs to be eveluated, I'm using 'evaluate()' - but I understand that there are problems with evaluate.
      Is there another method to do this?  [i.e. address the value of a dynamic variable] See below.




          <cffunction name="selectOptions" access="public" output="yes" returntype="string">
              /*------ unrelated code removed -----*/
                  for (i = 1;i lte showoptions.recordcount;i++){
                      vlu = showoptions[value][i];
                      txt = showoptions[column][i];
                      if(evaluate(formvar) is vlu){sel = 'selected="selected"';}else{sel=formvar&' '&vlu;}
                      options = options&'<option value="'&vlu&'" '&sel&' >'&txt&'</value>';