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    Write-on tool and Camera zoom


      Hi, I have created a pre-comp of a tree constantly moving, and I have been trying to use the write-on function to try and reveal this tree slowly, while the camera is zooming out, I noticed when I zoom out the write-on tool does not adjust to fit the tree and just stays in one static place,


      Is there anyway that the write-on tool can just adjust with the tree?


      or will I just have to manually keyframe the brush size and position of the effect?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please clarify what exactly you are trying to do. Brush coordinates are relative to the layer, so if you applied ther effect on a 2D layer to act as a matte on your 3D pre-comp, naturally the whole thing will fall apart as the camera moves. You would then have to mask the items in your tree pre-comp, which could possibly mean each branch and twig may need its own Write-On effect to draw it on.