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    Streaming video playback issue from www.abc.net.au/iview


      On the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's site that lets you catch up on TV shows you have missed I have an issue with my Media Center machine. Video playback plays fine for about the first 5 minutes and then it goes into a slow mode. The site uses Flash for playback of the video content.


      The video goes all chuggy and slow. If I change the video quality setting in Flash from High or Medium to Low, then the problem goes away but there is no hardware smoothing of the video and so it looks all blocky.


      I don't remember having this issue when the machine was using Windows XP using the ATI HD 2600 Pro video card. I have recently upgraded to Windows 7. I also have a laptop with an older ATI video, a 9600 and it doesn't have the problem. Hardware smoothing works fine and the video doesn't slow down.


      I have tried Flash 9, the current Flash 10 and the beta flash 10.1 - all display this same problem.


      My Media center has the following configuration

      CPU: Intel P4 3.0 Ghz

      Ram: 2Gb PC3200

      Video Card: ATI HD 2600 Pro 512mb AGP

      Motherboard Chipset: Gigabyte motherboard with Intel i865 chipset


      I am running Windows 7 32bit edition.


      My laptop which is working fine with Flash 10 installed has a P4 3Ghz CPU and is running Windows 7. So I know that Windows 7 and the same CPU specs can work fine. I have tried the ATI Catalyst 9.10 and 9.11 drivers. Both have this issue.


      Any idea's on how to fix this?