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    Computer shuts down during render/prerender


      This was not my original problem but it has occured before and I know it will occur again.


      My computer shuts down for no reason when I try to render or prerender video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. From what I can tell it is a general issue with premiere that I am having. I have tried multiple video formats, multiple video lengths, and multiple rendering options and I am still getting random shut downs during rendering.


      Here are some specs for my computer which is a laptop:


      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit OS)

      Proccessor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.0 ghz

      Ram: 8 gigs of it

      Video: Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT

      1 Hard Drive w/ 280 gb of space


      As a recap.... My exact problem is that during the rendering or pre rendering proccess my computer simply shuts down as in it turns off.


      I can also add that the computer does act strangely leading me to believe that theres some hardware or software incompatibility. While it is rendering I can hear the CPU fan pick up which is usually normal for any rendering application but what I noticed was that it doesnt stop speeding up. Its like if it was going into an overload and I can confirm that at its peak, the computer shuts down.




      To add troubles... whenever I pre render any video and it succesfully renders.... Premeire will hang up really really bad if I try to play the pre rendered preview. In otherwords when you preview a video that it pre rendered it usually plays smooth and everything is fine. After I pre render something though and play it I can tell its locking up because the timeline bar is really jumpy and the video playback skips also.


      This is the problem I would really love fixed. I usually have to button smash my keyboard until I lock premiere up and then once it unfreezes itself i can preview my work smoothly. This is however like a good 5 mins of my time trying to get the preview to play smoothly though so its really hurting how fast I can work.





      If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. I will be trying to run the same stuff on my older laptop and observe the results. I personally think CS4 is incompatible with windows 7.