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    Dropdown box options misprinting

    Shailevit Level 1

      In LC Designer 8,  I created a dropdown box, input numbers in the list items (Object / cell / list items) and then assgin them values (Object / bidding / value). I used these values to calculate a total. All seems to work out fine, EXCEPT:


      When I print the PDF from prior to saving it, the values (numbers chosen by the dropdown) are visible and print just fine. But after I save the PDF form and then print it, or open it up again, all the values have changed to the bidding values, not the text (numerical) values chosen via the dropbox option.


      Is this a weird flaw, or something I missed and hence can be corrected? Also to note, the values I entered for choices, are numerical values, the bindding values assigned are also (different) numerical values, ranging from 0.3 to 1.73. And here is the kicker - only the bidding values greater than 1.0 will display the orginal list items, the other ones (below <1 ....i.e.: 0.3, 0.67,etc) will display the bidding values... i.e.: .3, .67, etc.


      Any advice and help will be much appreciated