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    Video component : NoFullScreen !


      Hi everyone,


      I'm unable to get a fullscreen video with FLVPlayback component.

      - manual method, using the fullscreen button

      - code method wit this AS3 lines from (here below)


      can see on : http://www.dev.tv/videos/video_player.html

      FLA attached


      None of them works. No fullscreen at all. Despite fullscreen statute is set to true by default. What is it ? HTML handling needed ? The main point with AS3 is that nothing works… by default.


      Merci beaucoup, Sylvain.


      // Requires Button and FLVPlayback components in library.

      import fl.video.FLVPlayback;

      import fl.controls.Button;

      var myButton:Button = new Button();

      var myFLVPlybk:FLVPlayback = new FLVPlayback();

      myFLVPlybk.fullScreenTakeOver = true;

      myButton.move(100, 240);

      myButton.label = "Full Screen";



      myFLVPlybk.fullScreenTakeOver = true;


      myFLVPlybk.source = "http://helpexamples.com/flash/video/water.flv";

      myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, handleClick);

      function handleClick(e:MouseEvent):void {

      myFLVPlybk.fullScreenTakeOver = true;


      myFLVPlybk.fullScreenTakeOver = true;