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    Epub and Adobe PDF on new Ereader?


      I recently got a new Sony Ereader PRS-300.


      I have been having a few problems with it and don't know if this is normal.  I have a Mac with Snow Leopard.


      There are two main problems that I've noticed:


      1) I can't seem to get both Epub books and DRMed Adobe PDF books working at the same time.  It seems like whichever is first synced to the reader is the format that is allowed.  So for example, if I have 4 Epub books and 2 PDF books and the first one alphabetically synced is an EPub book, than all the Epub books can be read but all the PDF books will say it is protected.  If I sync a PDF book first alphabetically than the PDF books will work but the EPub books won't.


      Is this a shortcoming of the reader or is mine malfunctioning.


      2) Most of the times when I eject the Ereader from Ebook library, the Ereader still says "Do Not Disconnect".  I'd say about 3 out of 4 times it still says that and 1 out of 4 times that message goes away.


      Are other people having this issue (specifically if you are using a Mac) or do I have a malfunctioning unit?