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    Full Motion Recording

    leon brent

      Is it possible to extend the time of a full motion sreen recording. It appears the full motion recording defualt timing for each full motion screen is appx 25 seconds. I was wondering if the could be set to 60 seconds before actually starting your recording so that each screen would be recorded in 60 seconds screens and not 25 seconds screens....thanks in advance.

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          Personally I do not use FMR that much, only when necessary for small chunks. But you'll know better why you choose to record long FMR's. Perhaps you could try to change the default Slide duration in Edit, Preferences, Global, Defaults? Beware: did not try it myself, so I'm not sure it will help.



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            macrofireball Level 3

            Hi there,


            Unless you want your entire Captivate project to be recorded in Full Motion Recording mode, the only way that you can extend Full Motion Recording is to manually enter into that mode. You can turn on Full Motion Recording at any time by simply pressing F9 on your keyboard. Once you have finished recording in FMR mode then you just press F10 to return to Adobe Captivate's regular capture engine.


            Where possible I would also strongly recommend that you use FMR sparingly. This screen caption mode is really just there to address the fact that Captivate cannot capture events such as drag and drop using its regular capture engine.




            Best - Mark


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