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    getAttachments fails to retrieve




      Some background... running CF 8,0,1,195765 trying to communicate with an Exchange 2003 server.  The communication succeeds, and I can get a list of messages with indicate that it has an attachment.  The goal is to retrieve these messages (envelop journaled as part of the archive) and extract the original message.


      When isolated to a specific message with the UID and the getattachments action, it fails.  The call is as follows:



      First AttachmentFilePath comes back empty which the docs say should only happen if attachmentpath is left null.  More strange is that if F:\test doesn't exist, CF does create it like it's supposed to.   So clearly it knows that I set the value.   It shows a size and an Attachmentfilename in the result set.  Look in F:\test however and the folder is empty.  Where is the attachment?


      I originally thought it had something to do with the file name as I tried a different email to retrieve with the subject:

      [WhiteListed] Your Order (23467) Placed on 11/22/2009


      To me, a file name like this would not be accepted by the file system.  That said, what happens with file names like this?  Shouldn't there be a "SaveFileAs=" parameter so you can use a UUID and set it and avoid naming problems?


      What's the solution here and how can I retrieve attachments?  Or what could be holding it up since I can retrieve the envelope message just fine?