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    Adobe Flash player problem

    Mike5522 Level 1



      Whenever I try to edit a page that has a XSPF flash audio player on, I get following warning:


      When I click the Settings button nothing happens, no windows appears.


      The problem is, that Adobe Contribute changes the object code with some of it's own and surrounds <object>...</object> tag with <noscript> tag. So, finnaly the player is not working after upload (publish).


      This is the code of the flash object:

      <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="225" height="160" data="player/xspf_player_red4.swf?playlist_url=http://.../playlist_all.xspf">
               <param name="movie" value="player/xspf_player_red4.swf?playlist_url=http://.../playlist_all.xspf" />


      How can I configure Contribute, to leave this kind of code untouched?