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    ChartItem DataTip Display Difficulty


      I have a PlotChart with a number of items, many found close together but you can zoom in so that they are ultimately separated enough that they are not on top of one another. There are no duplicate points. The horizonal axis is a DateTime by day while the y-axis is simply an integer. The difficulty that I am having is that there are some items that just will not trigger the rollover event to display their associated datatips. Most work, but there are always a few that just don't seem to have that sweet spot. No matter how low or how high I go with the mouse sensitivity, I'm not able to make all of the datatips accessible. Can anyone offer some assistance? Thanks in advance!

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          Yozef0 Level 1

          You should probably create your own DataTipFunction...


          To do so:


          in your <mx:Chart add dataTipFunction="functionName" .../>


          private function functionName(hd:HitData):String {                    // import HitData
               var pSI:PieSeriesItem = item.chartItem as PieSeriesItem;         // or any other ChartSeries
               return "<b>" + pSI.item.@label + "</b><br />" + pSI.item.@data;  // drill to the value you need


          <b> </b> bolds and you can also use any HTML syntax to style your font.