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    Lack of customize presets in PrE 8

    Mika Järvinen Level 1

      I wonder what would be the best solution for editing 23,976fps FullHD footage in PrE 8? Because of the lack of making own presets my only option is using 25fps timecode. When outputting I can choose the 23,976fps, but not in preset. :-(


      Two related questions: have you heard that there would be a fix to get customize presets in this editing program? And does it really affectto the result  if I use lower resolution preset and 25fps instead of 23,76 as I thought it was a preview affected thing only...


      Thanks for answering!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You will not likely see support for these non-standard video presets in Premiere Elements, Mike. Certainly not in the form of a patch or update. Sorry.

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            Mika Järvinen Level 1

            Ok thx for very fast answering! There was a way of making own presets in PrE 2 which I also have but I cant find this option on PrE 8.


            One more and last question to this same subject then: what happens if I choose 720p preset, bring 1920x1080 video in it and finalize it as FullHD? Is the final result really 1920x1080 or does editing software first render it to 720p and then enlarge it to FullHD?


            I ask this because I wondered if I could use lower resolution preset as in making my edit faster with this kinda old computer I use. Or could I even us dvd-equal format in as preset for smooth previews in editing? Maybe my main question is that is the final rendering made out for the original movie files or does PrE 8 use "already rendered" previewfiles which are on scratchfiles?






            EDIT: I use a Canon 7D that would need 720p, 25fps and upperfield first, Pixel aspect ratio: Square (1.0).

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You will probably not be able to edit video from that still camera in Premiere Elements in its native format. You'll likely need to convert it to more standard



              Premiere Elements runs deep, but narrow. In other words, it does lots of tricks, but works well with only a narrow set of video standards. Sorry.


              And, yes, if you bring 1080i video into a 720p project, you get 720p video. You don't get your original video quality back.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This is readily available in PrPro. One can use a Desktop Preset, and then set almost every parameter of the footage. However, that is a program, that costs about 6x, what PrE does.


                Good luck,



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                  Mika Järvinen Level 1

                  I appreciate your answers. I have used very many video editing software (Pinnacle, Corel Video studio, Magix) but I really like the PrE becuase the "touch" of its big brother, Premiere Pro series. But I end up feeling that I will need in some point this "big brother" to do what I need.


                  But in the meanwhile ending to that, I try convert my h.264 format to more editable format with www.squared5.com mpegstreamclip-program which seems to handle converting quite smoothly and quick. I also will use only 25p mode in filming from now on, although 23,973fps gives quite nice film-like motion. I just wonder why my finishing rendering wont work; it doesnt render it smoothly even though whole process seems to end up well.


                  But well, it is totally a different problem. I just continue solving these problems cause I dont want to change my editing software. And not even sure that it would even help; every software I have used has had its own problems. And I really like this PrE 8 otherwise.




                  ps. odd, I found out that in dv-mode preset (same avhcd material) is finished and rendered fine! If we dont count the loss of pixels of course. Some how it just wont work in FullHD 25p project settings