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    CS4 exports are 5 times slower then in CS2



      Windows 7 (64)

      AJA Bord

      8 Core System


      In CS2 it was possible to make UNCOMPRESSED exports apart from the Adobe Media Encoder. In CS4 all exports seem to run thru the Media Encoder. Most of the exports work faster but I did not find a propper way to export UNCOMPRESSED files.


      On the "old" system (4 Core - Windows XP) CS2 exports


      AJA Avi v210 1920x1080


      ...in nearly real time. The same file with the new setup takes about 5x realtime. The weird thing though h264 also needs about the same amount of time then the uncompressed files. And the problem is not the RAID connected (copying is faster the real time)


      Any Ideas?