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    HELP please with CFC data into Flex


      Hi all,




      New question.  I have a dummy app set up that calls a CFC function via RemoteObject and returns my query.  My query is then bound to a DataGrid and everything imports nicely.  I simply just do  acData = ArrayCollection(event.result);  and the grid populates fine.  However, if I try to access individual elements of my ArrayCollection, for instance   acData[0].typename   , it returns a blank value and/or undefined.  Why can't I access individual pieces but it will attach to a datagrid no problem?



      *Original Issue*


      I currently have a flex app built calling a function from my CFC.  The CFC simply calls the database and returns the query into flex (returntype="query").  In flex, I have it plugging these records into a comboBox.  The comboBox has 4 objects in it, but not my data.  It knows how many records are in the query but I can't get my data.  If I try accessing the data it says it is undefined.  What am I missing?  I swear I had this working last week and now it doesn't.  Driving me nuts and I'm about to lose my mind.


      CFC function:

      <cffunction name="getExceptionTypes" access="remote" returntype="query">
              <cfquery name="getTypes" datasource="#xGIS#" username="#xIDGIS#" password="#xPWGIS#">
                  SELECT typename, xid
                  FROM #xToGIS#.ProfileExceptionTypes
                  WHERE DisplayInDropDown = 'Y'
              <cfdocument filename="exceptionTypes.pdf" format="pdf" overwrite="yes">
                  <cfdump var="#getTypes#">
              <cfreturn getTypes>


      Flex code (relavent pieces only):


      [Bindable] private var exceptionList:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

      private function fillExceptionTypes(event:ResultEvent):void
          var tempList:ArrayCollection = ArrayCollection(event.result);
          for (var i:int = 0; i < tempList.length; i++)
              exceptionList.addItem({ID: tempList[i].xid, Name: tempList[i].typename});



      My comboBox is set up with the dataprovider as exceptionList and the labelName is "Name".  This worked before but I'm not sure what happened or why it won't work now!