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    UIScrollbar issues with TabIndex


      I'm creating e-learning with 508 compliance in mind.  I'm setting everything up for closed-captioning, screen readers and tab-Index.  I've created a Closed-Captioning window and need to add scrollbar to the text.  I thought adding the UIScrollbar would be the best solution but it causes issues with the tabIndex.  I've created a shell which loads in movieclips of the content.  All of those clips have tabIndexs for the screen reader.  The problem is once I add the UIScrollbar, those tabIndexs no longer work, they disappear.  The Navigation buttons in the shell still workwith the tabIndex but they are higher on the displayList than the UIScrollbar.  It appears that any item below the UIScrollbar in the displaylist loses its tabIndex.  I wish I could simply put the UIScrollbar last but that will not work.


      Another weird thing is that my menu Navigation appears to be working with the TabIndex but the default yellow highlight box does not appear.  So you cannot click on them either but it does tab thru them in secret.


      Any ideas?  Has anyone seen this before?  I'm going to look at creating my own UI-type scrollbar but I would like to understand this issue better.

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          I know this question is old. But I was looking everywhere online for an answer to this. I found that in AS2 you could disable the FocusManager to stop the tabIndex getting out of what (skipping moveclips) when using an instance of UIScrollBar. 


          The AS3 way of disabling the focusManager for a component is component_name.focusManager.deactive();


          My buttons and tabIndex now works in the correct order I have set and without skipping buttons and the UIScrollBar is working as well.




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            ScottRoberts Level 1

            I know its been a while...but any chance you have an example of this?  I assume you meant deactivate(), but I still cannot get it to work.  I'd like to see how you have it implemented.