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    Others have succeeded at this but I can't get it ro work...

    Scott R. Hamilton Level 1

      Trying to incorporate tinyMCE into Flex 3 I have added the following section

      to my applications html file:


      <!-- TinyMCE function -->
      <script type="text/javascript" src="C:\Users\Scott\Downloads\tinyMCE Install\jscripts\tiny_mce\tiny_mce.js"></script>


      <script type="text/javascript">
          mode : "textareas"


      Is this correct?


      Nothing happens when the button that starts the tinyMCE editor is pressed:


              <mx:VBox height="69" width="696" id="vbox_MethodEdit">
                  <mx:Button label="Zubereitung" click="PrepEdit(event)"/>
                  <mx:TextArea height="37" width="689" id="taZubereitung"/>


      Her's the eventhandler:


                  // Handles the editing of the preparation section by calling tinyMCE
                 //                     ________
                  private function PrepEdit(event:MouseEvent):void { 
                     //Alert.show("PrepEdit:  entry point");
                     var s:String;
                     if (ExternalInterface.available) {
                        Alert.show("Wrapper available")
                        //var wrapperFunction:String = "changeDocumentTitle";
                        //s = ExternalInterface.call(wrapperFunction,ti1.text);
                        s = flash.external.ExternalInterface.call("tinyMCE.init");
                        //s = ExternalInterface.call("tinyMCE.init");
                     } else {
                        s = "Wrapper not available";
                        //Alert.show("Wrapper not available")
                  // PrepEdit


      As you can see I have been doing alot of experimenting around but the editor

      does not start.  Alert.show("Wrapper available") executes and then all is



      Alot of people have entered posts about how easy all of this is to accomplish

      but I can't find a single example of exactly how to do it.


      Can anyone help?