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    Cs3 and Canon 7d


      I recently got the canon 7d and couldn't open the raw file in bridge or photoshop cs3.  I emailed support and they said to download the Raw5.6 plug in.  i Downloaded the files and extracted them and tried to run the setup files.  It runs for a second and then says that it couldn't be installed.  Does 5.6 work with cs3?

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          PBoehme Level 1

          Tech support blew that one.  I also have the 7D and DS3.  I run the DNG Converter on the CR2 files -- it has to be the latest version.  When setting up DNG Converter, set it up to be compatible with ACR version 4.6.  If you have not updated ACR to 4.6, then you should do that also.  Currently, no matter if you are using CS4 or CS3, the 7D profile is just a Beta version and is not very good in my opinion.  I used DNG Profile Editor to build my own profiles for the 7D and they give much better color rendition.  I think that I have also seen some of the infamous green/magenta problem with the beta profile.  I really like the flexibility of the controls in ACR, but the color artifacts are frustrating.  If I koew of something else with the capabilities of ACR, sns artifacs, I would go for it.

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            Jeff Schewe Level 5

            PBoehme wrote:


            I run the DNG Converter on the CR2 files -- it has to be the latest version. 


            Well, DOOOOH....


            Of COURSE the most recent version of DNG Converter is required...that's the only version that could possibly have support for what is a new raw file format...


            Adobe recently released an RC version (beyond beta, not quite GM) of ACR 5.6 and DNG Converter 5.6. Obviously 5.6 would be better than 5.5 but no, it's not the final GM (Golden Master) shipping version...


            Really it's not that hard to grok...when a new camera comes out, you need to update software to deal with the new files. The CR (Release Candidate) is available at: Labs.Adobe.Com

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              PBoehme Level 1

              Thanks for your response, Jeff.  I mentioned the need for the latest version of DNG Converter only because it is not obvious to everyone.  I have answered similar questions on camera forums about converting 7D raw images to DNG for those who still have CS3.  Many of those people are mainly DSLR camera shooters and may not be into the meat of Camera Raw or any other software, for that matter.  Since I am new here, I have not had time to gauge the expertise of the participants.  I would hazard to guess, however, that many first-time visitors may be hoping for an answer without the need for knowing much beyond which button to push.


              In my case, I would like to upgrade to CS4, but being retired, that is simply something that I can't afford.  I got CS3 Exended when it first came ot and it will have to suffice.


              I have been reasonably satisfied with the profiles that I created for my 7D using DNG Profile Editor.  It is cerainly faster than the manual technique described in Real World Adobe Camera Raw or Real World Adobe Photoshop CS3 or even the script written by Mr. Fors.


              I'll see what I think about the RC profiles.

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                rgkansascity Level 1

                Ok so I'm kinda new to all this and at the risk of sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about, what is ACR and how do I convert my raw files to DNG?

                I downloaded the new converter but when I upload to bridge and say convert to DNG it says conversion could not be completed. Any tips for a newbie?

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                  PBoehme Level 1

                  ACR is the abbreviation for Adobe Camera Raw.  You run the DNG Converter program standalone.  Put the RAW files in a directory by themselves because the DNG Converter tries to convert everything in the directory.  On my computer, it takes about 14 seconds per file, so if you have a bunch, start the program and then do something else for a while.  You can't run this version program from Bridge becaue it will try to use the converter built into CS3 which won't recognize your new camera image files.

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                    rgkansascity Level 1

                    Thank you so much.  I got it to work.

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                      PBoehme Level 1

                      You are welcome.  The purpose of these forums is to help others solve their problems and answer their questions so do not be concerned about asking a dumb question.  The only truly dumb question is the one that is never asked.  My limited experience here is that people here are very friendly and willing to help others.  I have seen very few posts where someone feels a need to flaunt their expertise.