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    Spark StyleSheets css ??


      Ok, so I may be misunderstanding things but I have been researching and tinkering with Flex 4 and displaying HTML Content for a couple days now and I am pretty frustrated.


        So I have written several flex 3 apps using the mx components and the .htmlText property to display dynamic data coming from a database.  To style the htmlText I use a StyleSheet Object that has several style classes.  Then inside of the htmlText I would use several <span class='aStyleClass'> tags to have multiple styles in one text control.


        From what I can tell in Flex 4 there are no StyleSheet Objects and when you are displaying HTML in a Spark component spans don't even support the class property they only support inline font styles.  Why would Adobe create their own textFormat and stray away from StyleSheets?  If I try and use html content with a <span class='sdfa'> it throws run time errors.  So how are you suppose to use a dataset that is displayed in html, ipod and flex, using Style Sheets and <span class> is such a common thing.


      PLEASE if I am missing something here throw me a bone