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    Exsisting text button

    cin129 Level 1

      How do I change text on an existing button with out having to redo the whole thing?

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          Michel Bozgounov Level 2

          The button is a symbol. I believe that you must edit the text in the symbol?


          Double click the symbol, edit the text, and you're ready!


          If this is a special symbol, then open Window > Symbol Properties, check the "Label" property of the symbold, edit it, done!


          See if this helps you -- if not, please, post the PNG with the symbol here!

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            Joyce J. Evans Erb

            You don't say what kind of a button? Is it a symbol or a flattened bitmap? If a bitmap then not many choices but to redo. If the image has a solid color around the text then you can use the marquee tool to select, fill with color then re-type text. Can you send a sample of what you are working with?


            Joyce J. Evans