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    Deep Linking mxmlc and Flex Builder inconsistency

      I have Deep Linking set up on my app and it works great. I can use the browser back button and can bookmark sub sections of the app. The problem however is when I deploy this app using a CDN I host the swf on a different domain than the html file. When this happens I no longer get the BROWSER_URL_CHANGE events from the BrowserManager. I can reproduce this issue by hosting the swf on a web server and running the html file on my localhost. At first this made me think that it must be an issue with the historyFragment.html or history.js files not being in the right places. However it only happens when I have built the file using ant and the mxmlc compiler. Not when I build in Flex Builder.

      This seems like a very strange inconsistency to me and I can't figure out why it is happening. I am definitely only replacing the swf on the server with one I built with mxmlc vs. flex builder and both are pointing to the same build.

      Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated.