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    Flash menu not working!


      Im building a site and I have a flash banner and navbar combo. On the site, the combo works fine on the home page. It will let you click the one of the buttons and go to the next page. But when you go to the other page the navbar stops working. Its the same files on all pages. Now the crazy thing is, if you close the window and completely get out of the site, you can go directly to the portoflio page and it will do the same thing. You can click a button and you will go to that page and then the navbar stops working. I have included the coding and the banner its self for you to see.  Please check out the site  and any information you guys can give would be great. thanks


      import flash.events.MouseEvent;
      var getHome:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.sovereigngraphics.webs.com");
      var getPackages:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.sovereigngraphics.webs.com/packages.htm");
      var getPortfolio:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.sovereigngraphics.webs.com/portfolio.htm");
      var getPrints:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.sovereigngraphics.webs.com/prints.htm");
      var getContact:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.sovereigngraphics.webs.com/contact.htm");



      function hClick(event:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(getHome, "_self");

      packages_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mClick);

      function mClick(event:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(getPackages, "_self");

      portfolio_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fClick);

      function fClick(event:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(getPortfolio, "_self");

      prints_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, bClick);

      function bClick(event:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(getPrints, "_self");

      contact_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, cClick);

      function cClick(event:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(getContact, "_self");