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    Text Area Implementation


      I have a large volume of text I

      need to place on a page in a minimul area.  I decided to use a "text box" to accomplish this.  I drug a

      "TextArea(win)" symbol from the enhanced html section of the common library.  I have two problems:


      1. How do I load a large amount of text into this box?
      2. How do I get this to scroll properly?  Even with a little text in the box, it won't scroll in preview mode.


      Thanks in advance for any responses.

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          pixlor Level 4

          Do not use Fireworks. Fireworks is not an HTML authoring environment. Use an HTML authoring environment such a Dreamweaver or a text editor to modify your HTML and CSS files. Put your text in your HTML inside a div which you have styled with "overflow : scroll."





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            grembert1 Level 1

            Thank you for your response.


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              grembert1 Level 1

              I looked over the material you quoted and it's fairly textbook in nature and easy to understand.  However, I do not see how what you quoted works into the use of the FW symbol.  Might you clarify a bit more than "Don't use Fireworks"?


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                pixlor Level 4

                Oh! Sure.


                Fireworks isn't an HTML authoring environment. It's a Web layout design and graphics production application. By that I mean you can use FW to design your layout and produce your graphics. Where a program such as InDesign is a WYSIWYG layout program for documents that are to be printed, Fireworks is not a WYSIWYG layout program for Web pages. Web pages are not visual pieces, they are code that is interpreted by browsers (which have their individual quirks). The HTML and CSS that Fireworks produces is fragile and next to impossible to maintain. The HTML export feature of FW is intended to be for mockups/prototypes, not for live sites. If you look at Adobe's Web page for Fireworks, you'll see that the page title starts with "graphics editor" and the marketing text discusses "rapid prototyping." There's nothing about building pages or sites in Fireworks.

                http://www.adobe.com/products/fireworks/?promoid=121DJGSR_P_US_FP2_FW_CS4_MN&tt=P_US_FP2_F W_CS4_MN


                Anytime you want to do something that is, essentially, HTML and CSS coding, you're usually better off writing the code using Dreamweaver (which is an HTML authoring environment) or a text editor than trying to figure out how to coax that same functionality out of Fireworks. You'll spend less time on it, you'll suffer much less frustration, and your code will be more robust.


                Since you said that you need to put in a large block of content, I interpreted that to mean you need more than to just display something as a prototype. That's why I suggested you skip trying to do it in Fireworks and go straight to editing the HTML and CSS. I just made a mental leap (possibly incorrectly!) that what you really need is your page to work with a big block of text in it and felt that this was the quickest and easiest way for you to get there.

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                  grembert1 Level 1

                  Thank you for your detailed response.  Your explanation cleared up the issue and how symbols are used/not used.