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    Keylight pre-comp not respecting garbage mattes?

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      Hi all!


      I'm using a keying method I saw on an old tutorial from Aaron Rabinowitz and Andrew Kramer. With it, you use many copies of the Color Key effect to get a noisy rough key. Then use Simple Matte with a negative value to get a tight green halo around your subject.


      Then you use your high-end keyer (like Keylight) to only key the halo out. It gives better results than trying to build multiple keys to get rid of dark areas or uneven lighting in the entire scene.


      In this example, I've drawn a couple garbage mattes to get rid of large sections of the scene. I then do the Color Key and Simple Matte trick. Then all that is precomped. In my new comp, the only effect is Keylight. However, when I switch over to Screen Matte view, I still see the objects I masked out.


      Theoretically, those objects shouldn't even exist in the render pipeline if they are removed in a precomp, right? Any idea what's going on?


      Picture 6.JPG

      Picture 7.JPG